Fare thee well, Bullseye!

After 7.5 months, I have left Target and will be moving on to greener professional pastures.

My new position at a new company is set and will start at the beginning of March, but I don’t want to put it up on this blog quite yet. I’d prefer to wait until my buns are actually firmly planted in my new company’s seat.

I was trying to get the Target Bullseye in this picture as I left the store as an employee for the final time, but I'll settle for "hiring" and "careers" and
I was trying to get the Target bullseye in this picture as I left the store as an employee for the final time, but I’ll settle for “hiring” and “careers” and “our team” and “the best.”


My time at Target was very important both to my assimilation back into the USA (after 20 years in Hong Kong, for those who are new to this blog) and to my development as a professional. I learned (or at least renewed) many North American communication strategies and techniques, and I also learned about organizational behavior within a huge USA corporation.

Overall, Target is an impressive and well-oiled machine, and I am grateful to have been a part of its community.

East Liberty Target in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is specifically a very good store at which to work, and the management is positive and strong overall. I would definitely recommend it to others.

My upcoming new position will take advantage of my qualifications in professional communication and my experience in (and passion for) business administration and “helping people” — both colleagues and clients. I am extremely excited about it, and I will write more as soon as I feel comfortable with making some kind of announcement.

Right now, I’m really looking forward to next weekend because Adam and I (and our friend Steve) will be going to the 9th Annual Oil Country Bluegrass Festival (that’s a link to a Facebook page), and The Casual Hobos (Adam and Steve’s band) will be playing Friday night and Saturday afternoon! I can’t wait!

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