It’s 61 degrees Fahrenheit and very sunny in Pittsburgh today!

Adam and I just walked from our apartment to TechShop, and I was wearing a t-shirt and flapping my arms around happily whilst exclaiming things like, “I’m doing a Katy-Style Sun Salutation!”

It has been sunny and warm on other days, too, but there’s nothing like a Sunny Sunday to get one feeling very, very pleased with life in general.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any new pictures to share, but I do have some Adam and Katy news:

  • Adam built a new table for us, and we are going to carry it home from TechShop today! This table is going to be our desk in the family room. We are extremely excited about this because now Adam won’t have to hunch over his desktop, which has been housed on an 18-inch-high IKEA end table for the past six months.
  • I have been working at TechShop for two weeks now, and I totally love it!  I’m super excited about being involved in business communications and customer relations, and I love taking the TechShop classes. I’m really thrilled about this opportunity.
  • Adam and I have been working hard on the very formative planning stages of our company. Once we have something concrete to share, we will post more about it here.
  • Special Message for My Mom:  Adam got a deep splinter broken off in his finger while building our new table, and I was able to extract the splinter using patented Trisha Everett Splinter-Extracting Techniques. After digging an exit hole for the splinter using tweeters and a needle, I literally pushed the splinter from the bottom up by squeezing the heck out of Adam’s finger, and the splinter slid out the pre-dug exit hole. It was super-awesome and semi-gruesome in an excellent way. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me such cool stuff!

This has been Adam’s and my first “real” weekend together, and it has been lovely. (Last weekend doesn’t “count” as our first real weekend together in my mind because:  1. We both were sick, and 2. We spent the entire weekend at the Oil Country Bluegrass Festival.) We celebrated our first real weekend together by spending both Saturday and today at TechShop (ha ha ha ha!! but we actually wanted to be there!!!!). Adam finished up our table yesterday and today, and I worked on our business stuff and other fun tasks. We also managed to have Saturday breakfast and Sunday breakfast together, and Adam is playing banjo with Steve this afternoon, so we count it as a HUGE success.

Oops, I have to finish this post now. It’s table transportation time!

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