Repopulation (LinkedIn, not the planet)

Now that I work at TechShop, I am allowed to be my real self again.

Until I got this job, I had to pretend to be some lesser version of myself because American Job Culture did not love (understand?) the real me.

Elements that American Job Culture did not love:

  • My qualifications (too foreign and too many!)
  • My volunteer and mentorship experience (too much!)
  • My Hong Kong management experience (much too much!)
  • My enthusiasm for my career (much, much too much!)
  • My outside interests (how can one person have done so many things? Impossible!)
  • My career path (no USA companies = Cannot understand! These are not real life!)
  • My lack of data on the USA background check (if it didn’t happen on US soil, it literally did not exist!)

I’m still not going to add everything back on to LinkedIn, just the highlights from the last six years or so, but it feels good to be allowed to rebuild and project my professional self online.

This is huge for me because, since business communication and my career are both my professional and personal passions, “deleting” my career on LinkedIn in order to get jobs in the USA was sincerely like deleting Katy.

If I have to delete my background and passions in order to get a job, then who am I?

Thank God for TechShop.

TechShop understands that I am truly passionate about business communication and serving others, and they are giving me this chance to work as a Front Desk Administrator and be a part of their incredible community.

It’s fun and funny that my C.V.s used to be three to four pages long depending upon the position to which I was applying, and now I need to slam everything I’ve done professionally into a one-page résumé. And by “fun,” I mean epically awful.

I sincerely love TechShop, and I hope to be with the company for a long time; therefore, I shouldn’t have to deal with résumés for the foreseeable future.

And hopefully I won’t have to “delete Katy” ever again.

Working on my LinkedIn profile at
Working on my LinkedIn profile at

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