Upcycled Magnification Lamp

I found the pieces to an old lamp in “The Binwall” at work.  “The Binwall” is a place where members and staff leave useful, but no longer needed items.  The lamp worked fine, but the base was cracked and broken.  I figured I could make a new base for it with some acrylic scraps that I’d scavenged from around the shop.  I went over to http://www.makercase.com/ and generated an interlocking box pattern that could be cut out on the Trotec laser cutter.  I loaded the file into Adobe Illustrator and added some lines to cut out the switch and a circle to screw the base of the lamp in to.  I had to cut some wires so that I could fit everything together correctly and then resolder them at the end after I acrylic welded most of the box together.

protyping the lamp design in cardboard

Testing the dimensions with cardboard!

The finished product

Checking the newly cut acrylic

getting ready to acrylic weld the makercase

Assembly time!

Last Inspection of the lamp interior

Getting ready to close it up

Test fitting then acrylic welding the lamp

Checking that it works one last time before acrylic welding it together!

Finished Upcycled Lamp

The finished upcycled magnification lamp!

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