Dragon and Phoenix Inlay on CNC Router

This is a great shot of the V-carve bit doing its job!



another shot of maple positive side

This is a roughed out part of the maple piece before I changed to the V-carve bit to do the details

maple positive side rough cut


dragon and phoenix maple positive side

This is the finalized male side of the inlay on the maple board



rought cut into walnut on negative side

This is the female side of the inlay in a walnut board, this is after the “roughing pass” which uses a different end mill to hog out material as quickly as possible


walnut side negative with glue ready to go

The walnut femal side with glue ready to be clamped



positive and negative side pressed together

This is both sides together with 6 C-clamps to press it together firmly.  After waiting 24 hours for the glue to dry, I will cut down the middle on the band saw, then sand off the remaining maple



here is the finished product with maple bandsawed away

This is the piece right off the band saw, but before sanding


one coat of Wipe on PolyAnd here’s the nearly finalized piece.  This was sanded up to 400 grit and then one coat of wipe on polyurethane. 






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