phat beets

Things have been awesome lately!

For a start, Adam and I are extremely grateful for our weekends together.

Last weekend, Adam found out that the Warhol Museum was going to have free admission on Saturday, so he and I jumped on the P1 bus on Saturday morning and traveled downtown. We walked across the Andy Warhol Bridge to the museum on the north side, and we got to have a tour with Andy Warhol’s nephew! Neither Adam nor I knew “that much” about Andy Warhol or his work, so we were fascinated by his history and his decades of artistic evolution. It was amazing to see his evolution (and revolution) in styles and foci.

On Saturday afternoon, our friend Steve came over the play bluegrass with Adam, and then the three of us ate a huge dinner and went square dancing in Penn Hills! So much fun! We danced for hours and had a great time with our friends.

Easter Sunday, Adam and I went to the East Liberty Presbyterian Church. It was our first time to go in the sanctuary, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

2016 Easter Sunday, right as the service ended

This week has been great as well. Last night, Adam and I went to Five Guys (pretty much the only restaurant we trust lately in regards to being truly gluten free, although Social in Bakery Square did give us a safe gluten free pizza the one time we went there). We also saw Batman vs. Superman, which we really enjoyed! I know the critics have been slamming it, but we both thought it was well done and entertaining.

One more day of work, and then The Casual Hobos will be playing a gig at Bierport (formerly Atlas Bottle Works) in Lawrenceville tomorrow night.

Oh, Adam and I both still love working at TechShop, and we are really happy to have jobs there. Our jobs really suit our personalities (Adam consults with members and builds in the shop, and I take care of business admin and customer service in the front office).

Our feature photo is “phat beets” from Whole Foods. I was overcome with love for the cleverness of the packaging, so I had to take a picture and post it online. There is literally no other reason for this photo to exist; I simply thought it was cute.

phat. beets.
phat. beets.

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