1-Year Pittsaversary!

Today, Adam and I celebrated our 1-Year Pittsaversary by eating a lot of delicious food and by Adam playing bluegrass with The Casual Hobos.

We also high-fived Bindi’s butt in celebration of her brand-spankin’-new (pun intended) Pennsylvania Tramp Stamp.

Bindi's butt!
Bindi’s butt!


Adam spent weeks and weeks researching everything we had to do to get Bindi’s tramp stamp. It was complicated because we bought her in Vermont, registered and paid taxes on her in New York, and then took her on a very long road trip around the USA before finally re-registering her in Pennsylvania. It was fun trying to deal with the paper trail.

Also fun this year? PGH city taxes. Here’s a tip, kids:  Don’t live in multiple city tax zones in Pittsburgh in a fiscal year; or, if you do, try to get your HR department to actually deduct your appropriate city tax from your bi-weekly paychecks. Unbelievably, Adam is still trying to get this sorted out, and he changed his address and city tax information in August 2015.

Okay, all sarcasm aside, Adam and I are still loving Pittsburgh, and we are very, very happy with our lives here. There are tons of amazing people and great opportunities, and we just love the city and the area.

Also, yesterday morning we walked to Walnut Street in Shadyside, and along the way we saw tons of signs with arrows that said “Bark Shadyside.” When we got to the coffee shop we were aiming for (Jitters!), we grabbed our coffees and then took a seat outside in the sunshine. About three minutes after we sat down, we found out what “Bark Shadyside” was. It was a doggy parade with probably close to 100 doggy participants of all shapes and sizes — and their owners.

The owners and dogs were on a Bark Parade to raise money and awareness for the SPCA (or whatever the SPCA is called here). The dogs were so beautiful and cute, and the people were so friendly and cute! It was a really lovely way to pass a Saturday morning.

We also went into TechShop yesterday afternoon, and Adam worked on machining aluminum parts for his current big project as well as completing the work on a table he was refinishing. I took a 3D printer PrintrBot class, and it was really interesting. 3D printing was also simultaneously much easier to get started with than I thought it was going to be, so that was encouraging. I’m trying to take as many TechShop classes as possible as quickly as possible because I think knowledge of the equipment and classes definitely helps me to be more effective at my job.

So, that’s our latest news! Hooray for Pittsburgh! Hooray for TechShop! Hooray for Bindi! Hooray for bluegrass! Hooray for life!

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