Nana and Papa Couture’s PGH visit

Two weekends ago, Adam and I were thrilled to be visited by Nana and Papa Couture!

We visited the top tourist sites (TechShop Pittsburgh was first on the list, of course).

Additionally, Nana and Papa stayed the The Friendship Suites, which I cannot recommend highly enough. If you want an absolutely stunning one-bedroom apartment with full kitchen and family room, definitely put in a request for Suite #20.

Some pictures from our weekend of fun!

View from Mt. Washington. We rarely see coal barges going down the rivers, so this was a cool sight.


Papa, Nana, Katy, and Adam at the Duquesne Incline Lookout Point


Papa, Nana, and Adam


At the top of the incline


By a second (better) lookout point with downtown Pittsburgh below. This is thought to be the point where George Washington stood to examine the military and economic strengths of Pittsburgh.


Gorgeous day


The view west, looking down the Ohio River

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