It’s been almost two months since my last update. I’ve been busy with Halloween costumes, playing gigs, Austin and Gen coming to town, excuses excuses… Thankfully Katy picks up my slack 🙂

I wanted to wrap up this Shopbot CNC router chair series, I finished with this about six weeks ago, so I’ll try to wrap it all up. I’ve moved on to and then through a few more projects since wrapping up the chair, some of which Katy has posted, others I will try to get to posting soon.

I left off “Kitchen Chair on the ShopBot Part 2” with:

Stay tuned for part 3 where I will either be writing about how I used the Jointer and glued together wood for the seat OR how I used my just-ordered-today ball nose endmill to cut the relief “U” shape on the seat backs.

Everything went more or less to plan with finishing up the chair:

  1. I carved out the seat back using my ball nose endmill on the ShopBot after 3D modeling it in AutoDesk Fusion360.
  2. I jointed and planed the remaining scraps of the two pine boards to make the seat, then cut that out one the ShopBot.
  3. I hedged my seat making and also cut out a piece of 3/4″ plywood using the same file.
  4. I had to put four tenons on the seat backs, which were curved…
  5. I had to re-mortise the pockets in back legs so the seat backs would fit
  6. I had to clean up the tenons with a Stanley knife
  7. I sanded the pieces for gluing
  8. I glued the chair systematically and clamped it
  9. I had to make and attach “screw rails” for the seat once I could measure the dimensions
  10. I attached the jointed seat from the bottom with screws.

I’ll post some pictures, video clips, and brief descriptions below.  Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

A quick shot of the toolpath software Cut3D

Seat back imported into Cut3D

Seat backs with counter sunk holes

Boards with screw holes read for the ShopBot

Roughing pass 1 of 2

Roughing pass on the ShopBot

Roughing pass 1 of 2 almost complete

Completed roughing pass.  The roughing pass uses a cheaper and different shaped endmill to “hog out” material faster, so that the “ball nose” can do it’s job more easily making the smooth contours.

Finishing pass

Ball nose endmill doing its job, it moves diagonally back and forth across the piece

Seat back complete

Completed chair back

gluing the jointed seatJointing the seat part 1 of 2


ShopBot seat complete

Cutting out the profile for the seat


 Cutting out the plywood seat

Seat back in tenon jig

I rigged up a way to use the tenon jig on the curved back

completed seat backs with tenon

Pieces almost complete, I ended up evening out the back of the seat backs to make the tenon equally spaced

back legs glued and clamped

Gluing the seat backs and the apron

me posing with the front and back legs drying

Posing and letting the glue dry

almost completed gluing

Gluing the front to the back!

gluing screw rails

Gluing the screw rails on, the final step!

The final chair at home!Completed chair at home in the kitchen

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