Recycled Plywood Bending

There are always tons of scrap 5mm plywood lying around and they are usually in odd shapes without much that can be done with it.  However, I’ve been collecting the good pieces and stocking up.  Now that Halloween is over, I decided to try something different.

I collected some scraps of 3/4″ plywood that were at least 24″ tall.  I cut out an arc on them with the ShopBot and created a form for bending and gluing layers of this 5mm ply.  I decided to use Gorilla Glue since it is activated by water, and I’d be using a spray bottle of water to wet the strips of plywood to make it bend easier.

My goal is to eventually make an entire chair out of plywood scraps.  This form is for the seat backs, but eventually I hope to make chair legs, chair aprons, and everything else that is needed to build the chair, just by laminating these pieces of plywood.


Mold form and clamps ready to gochair pieces spread out and dampened5mm ply dampened and ready for gorilla glueplywood clamped in the forms

closeup of the clamped forms

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